Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Fences

This week Leya invites us to notice fences.

Around here there seems to be an ever constant building, tearing down,  rebuilding… and more building, with plenty of fencing to go around!


Construction fence-2501




Construction fence-2524




Construction fence-




Construction fence-2579




Construction fence-2582



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  1. Some lovely fences, Arati, all dressed up in great jagged coverings and poster/murals. Fences brought to life.

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  2. Thank you – this was a new take on fences – only temporary ones. Maybe they are the most common in cities? Love the idea – and my favorite is the rift in B&W!

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    • Thank you Leya, I’m glad you liked the b&w and that I decided to include it. Yes, these fences with images seem to be common in areas of shopping center construction. Maybe to keep reminding people of what is to come. I find them enjoyable, playful and they are also about marketing. A lot of people around here are waiting with great anticipation for these centers to open so they can go and ‘play’… spend $ 🙂


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